Karl Kämpe
The Adventurer Issue #2

60,00 kr

Story: The Shadow over Plimouth
Writer: Jörgen Karlsson
Art & Inks: Joe Bedregal
Colours: Ichsan Ansori
Cover: SWalter Quinar
Page Count: 32
Published: Mars, 2023
Language / Språk: English / Engelska

A rainy evening in the fall Karl Kämpe arrives at Plimouth, the first English colony in New England. He is soon contacted by the old sea dog Zebedee Allen who claims to know where the pirate Blackbeard has buried his treasure. But before the pair can go looking somebody tries to kill Karl and Zebedee is kidnapped. Something fishy is going on in Plimouth and when Karl begin to pry the small town erupts in full turmoil. Strange creatures from the sea flood the settlement and they are thirsting for blood.

A crew of vicious pirates spots an apparently abandoned ship. When they climb aboard a nasty surprise awaits them in the shadows.