Karl Kämpe
The Adventurer Issue #1

50,00 kr

Story: A Moment of Hate
Writer: Jörgen Karlsson
Art & Inks: Ruvel Abril
Colours: Periya Pillai
Cover: Stella Spente
Page Count: 24
Published: July, 2021
Language / Språk: English / Engelska

In 1719 Karl Kämpe makes the long journey over the Atlantic Ocean and steps ashore in the New World. He is a hunted man in Europe and plans to stay in America for a couple of years until things cool down. Karl journeys north and one day he stumbles upon Black Crow Creek, a settlement in the middle of nowhere. He soon befriends a young women and her family but at the same time there is something strange going on. Can Karl Kämpe solve the mystery before it is too late?